No need to own a hammer

The Old-House Cooperative

A good friend of mine just restored a circa 1820 home located in the heart of the College Hill Historic District. His antique home is now a state-of-the-art smart-home. Like his home, my friend is smart, if not handy, and found that even new things break. No Mr. Fix-it, he solved one maintenance issue by having a company on retainer to replace burnt-out light bulbs! He prefers to stick to what he is very good at, and it's not carpentry, painting, or changing light bulbs. He's a very good problem solver. This is how one family man can live in an old-house and not know how, or have the inclination, to use or own a hammer? Don't be intimidated. Most of us are not all that handy. We just don't let that prevent us from enjoying a very special lifestyle, living in an old home, here on the historic East Side.

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