Fox Point Neighborhood on the East Side

Fox Point Neighborhood - Providence

Fox Point is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Providence. Located on the East Side of Providence and surrounded on three sides by water, Fox Point was the City's old seaport community. Fox Point is a tightly clustered residential neighborhood of older and historic homes that abutts Brown University, RISD and the College Hill neighborhood. South Main Street and Wickenden Street, both historic mixed-use thoroughfares, are the centers of Fox Point retail life and social activity. Here you will find a variety of excellent restaurants, cafes and an eclectic collection of independently owned shop. .

Fox Point settlers began arriving in the early part of the 17th century, soon after Roger Williams and his followers first founded Providence and Rhode Island. Fox Point was originally used as farmland until the construction of Providence's first port at Transit Street in 1680, when the area became a center for maritime activities. The waterfront region known as India Point derived its name from the "Indiamen" trading ships traveling between Providence and the West Indies. Fox Point settlers worked almost exclusively on Fox Point's waterfront. By 1800, 58 wharves spanned the waterfront from Fox Point to Smith Street, where the State Capital Building stands today.

Fox Point's physical structure has undergone significant change since the beginning of the twentieth century. The waterfront area is no longer in use as a harbor and now exists as a recreational area called India Point Park. Recent changes to South Main Street, as a result of urban renewal and historic preservation efforts, make India Point a distinct entity from the core of the Fox Point neighborhood.

The Fox Point housing stock is very old. Many of the beautifully restored homes are 150-200 years old. Housing values in Fox Point are higher than the citywide average.

Map of the Fox Point Neighborhood

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