Wayland Square Neighborhood on the East Side

Wayland Square Neighborhood

Wayland is a residential neighborhood located on Providence's East Side. Most of its development took place during the early and mid- 20th century. Wayland contains the City's largest concentration of elegant apartment buildings, which were all built shortly after 1900. The Wayland neighborhood is home to Blackstone Park, one of the larger parks on the East Side. It is linked with the surrounding area by a bicycle path along the Seekonk River.

The land south of Upton Avenue had been completely platted by the end of the Civil War but few houses were built before the 1890s. Development was concentrated eastward from College Hill in the Waterman-Angell corridor and to a lesser degree, along Olney Street and Morris Avenue. Before the 1880s, residents commuted between the Wayland area and Downtown Providence either by carriage or public horse car along a circuitous route from downtown through Fox Point to Butler Avenue. In 1884 a second line along Waterman and Angell Streets was completed.

In the early 1900s, the Wayland area became the site for the construction of several large apartment buildings. The earliest of these buildings was constructed during the first decade of the 20th century along Medway Street. By 1940, there were apartment buildings on Waterman and Angell streets, and Lloyd, and Wayland Avenues. Some of these buildings, including the Excelsior Apartments, remain architecturally magnificent.

One of the most significant features of Wayland is the commercial activity in Wayland Square where you'll find independent retail shops and restaurants.

Half of all housing units in Wayland are located in structures with five or more units. About one in five housing units in Wayland is a single-family home. Despite its relatively recent development compared to other neighborhoods in the City, the housing stock in Wayland is still fairly old. Few homes are newer than 50 years old.

The median value of single-family, owner-occupied homes in Wayland is more than twice the median value reported for Providence.

Map of the Wayland Neighborhood

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