Good bones . . .

Good bones . . .

I am licensed by the State of Rhode Island to help people make the major purchase of a home. I am also "Historic House Specialist", certified by the Providence Preservation Society. I've chaired the Preservation Society's annual walking tour of historic homes. This tour is always a lot of fun for the nearly 2,000 people who faithfully attend this much-anticipated event. Everyone enjoys seeing the inside these beautiful historic private homes.

Once inside it's apparent that these are not museums, but "working homes". The owners of these historic homes are real people, with real lives, not eccentrics, or worse yet, re-enactors sitting at spinning wheels! Inside our historic homes you'll likely find more flat screen televisions, gourmet kitchens, and baby strollers, than tall clocks, tea tables and chest-on-chests. In many of our old homes, the decor is eclectic, a combination of antiques, contemporary furniture, art and always lots of books. These historic homes and neighborhoods have adapted wonderfully to our contemporary times, needs and lifestyles. Today, when desirable new things from cars to computers have such a short useful life, I think it reassuring that, although very old, historic homes still function well and are cherished as wonderful places to live.

Historic homes can also make excellent investments.
This 200-year-old home on Benefit Street sold for $260,00 in 1992. Twelve years later it was sold again, this time for nearly $800,000.

I wonder if a home built today will age as gracefully as those built pre-computer, pre-automobile, pre-electricity, pre-indoor plumbing, and for a few, pre-revolution! Will a home built at the turn of the second millennium be around in 100 or 200 years? Who knows, but I believe my historic home will still be standing. I can't remember who said it, it goes something like, "There wasn't a bad house made before 1900 and there hasn't been a good one built since". This quip seems to hold some truth, especially in this day of the ubiquitous suburban McMansion.

Do you want to live in a charming older home in one of Providence's historic East Side neighborhoods? Contact Chris, the "Old-House Realtor". Chris will help you make it happen.