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Is using a Buyer's Agent right for you?

Buyer's Agent

The friendly Realtors you encounter at home showings and Open Houses are skilled salespeople representing the Seller. They are obligated by law to prioritize the Seller's interests, not yours as the homebuyer. If you allow these agents to guide your offer, proceed with caution. Legally, Seller's Agents have limited capacity to advocate for your best interests.

Wise Homebuyers work with their own professional Realtor; one who represents only their interests, and not the Seller's. These Agents are "Buyer's Agent".

When you agree to be represented by Chris Healy as your Buyer's Agent, you'll receive a level of service that is simply OUTSTANDING.

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Chris Healy, is a Certified Buyer's Agent

Chris Healy works solely on your behalf and will save you many hours and very likely thousands of dollars, all while making the homebuying process far less stressful, and enjoyable!

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Would you consider an older home in one of Providence's historic neighborhoods?
Chris Healy is a historic house specialist and certified by the Providence Preservation Society. Here's how Chris can help..

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